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Memories of busking

It’s strange how much of my past I feel is seeping away from my memory. Looking back to my school days I can hardly remember any of it, I can remember some events but without any clarity around actually what happened minute by minute. With something closer to today such as college, I can grab snatches of moments, like photos or short TV clips. As the time difference between then and now gets shorter these glimpses grow to something more coherent and memorable.

Before you suggest it, no I haven’t taken acid before. What is perhaps most interesting is that the happier I was at the time or the bigger the impact of the moment on my life, the more memorable it is. I would suppose that’s not really surprising to you psychologists out there, but I just find it fascinating.

A lot of these events revolve around two things, guitars and my fellow guitar player, Stu.

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The Birds of Brunton are attacked

My Mum and Dad have a great garden and they make good use of it, but they aren’t the only ones. They have a couple of bird tables, various feeders, nesting boxes, even some bat boxes, all laid around the garden to let the birds enjoy the garden too. Now when I say birds, I mean lots of birds. They don’t just get the odd visitor, at peak periods of the day the garden can resemble a school dinner queue (prior to Jamie Oliver getting involved), it gets really busy and pretty amazing to watch.

What’s also amazing is the sheer variety of birds they see, the usual birds you see flying around to doves, racing pidgeons, even a domestic dove was spotted the other day, but this visitor takes the biscuit.

Something happened one day to break the tranquillity of McBrunton’s feeding stop, the arrival of a Sparrow Hawk. Oh no, I’m not kidding, and my quick thinking Mum manage to grab the camera and show the damage, for the garden birds are not the only ones who need to feed.

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My mate Lee gives birth!

Huge congratulations to Lee and his MOTS (his words for Mother of the Son) as they’ve just given birth to their son. This is fantastic news, especially if you know Lee and MOTS, they are going to make excellent and very proud parents. Lee is a great friend and I’m hugely excited for him and

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A great photography site

One of my good friends Dave really got me going on photography. I got my Nikon F50s on his recommendation and I never looked back, then he pointed me to slide film, then digital, and each time my results just got better and better. Yet whatever the advice I get and whatever the equipment I

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Lost Friends

I’m sitting at work just thinking about the Soundtrack of my Life that I’m working on in the remaining half hour before I leave to go home for a two week holiday, and I started getting all melancholy. You see most of the songs remind me of people, not many songs are connecting me to things, they’re all people.

Some of those people were really, really good friends…well when I say some I actually mean two. Stu and Eddie. Both I’ve lost touch with and despite a few conversations since, we’ve never really got back together as the great friends that we once were. That makes me really sad, to think we once were such good friends that we talked about everything together and supported each other through many things (Stu supporting me more than I ever did him!), and now we aren’t important enough to each other to even stay in touch for the odd conversation.

These guys I would have classed as my best friends, and Stu probably the best friend, and now neither of us are talking. Where does that connection that once existed between such strong friends go, and why?

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The joys of mountain biking

Pablo is my friend. Well, at least that’s what I thought until he finally persuaded me to go mountain biking with him on Sunday.

His tactics were brilliant, during a coffee and a cake that he had just paid for, he asked if I would go. I did the usual I wasn’t sure routine, and Pablo countered with the child response. Whatever I said he asked again, changed the subject, asked again, talked about anything at all, he’d ask. I got bored and said yes, and that’s when my fate was sealed.

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More poker fun

It was with much excitement that we entered our third Poker event, and with the usual suspects again. Unfortunately we are only struggling along with four people at the moment, and despite many promises we haven’t actually come close to getting more. Still, this makes it fun, we know each other, and we know our characteristics. This makes for a much more interesting game, knowing now each other is going to play and what their nuances are.

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Pablo’s long Birthday night

You know it’s amazing that this entry has sat around for so long and never been posted, so I thought I would now. More than anything it’s a nice piece of nostalgia…

It’s a struggle today to do so many things. Getting up was the first, where after an hour and a half of exceedingly drunken sleep I was awoken to the sounds of the alarm. Going back to bed until 9:30 presented the next problem of getting up all over again, although after a shower the world seemed a lot easier place. It’s only now, after half past four in the afternoon, that the sore head is beginning.

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First poker night

I’ve just experienced my first poker night, and I can honestly say I am 100% converted. I have joined the cult of Texas Hang ’em. However, I can’t claim the credit on the idea, no that’s down to Martin. He started it all, organised the evening, and even purchased a stunningly cool set of poker chips and cards. So all I had to do was supply the location, the kitchen table, and let everyone turn up.

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