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BBFC clear Eastern Promises uncut

I find this incredible. The BBFC are coming under fire for releasing the David Cronenberg film Eastern Promises uncut, despite the high level of violence.

Now my issue is not with the fact that they are releasing it uncut, I’m actually pleased they are, mine is with their inconsistency. The fact that on one hand they are releasing this violent film and on the other banning the videogame Manhunt 2 from being released seems utterly ridiculous., especially considering the violence involved in the film.

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Halo music video reveals perils of gaming

Okay I spend too much time indoors and especially in front of the computer, I know that, and when a videogame comes along that I love playing I tend to get hooked into that and sit there for ages playing.

That said I do make a concerted effort not to play for hours while my partner gets bored senseless. Sure when I was single I’ve seen myself playing for hours straight, and I mean all day and night, but that didn’t happen very often.

However some Halo fans seem to think it will, and these bunch have even created a music video warning about the perils of playing Halo 3 too much and ignoring your girlfriend. Be warned. This is Halo Nights.

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XBox 360 returns after rings of death

I had been having a few problems with my Xbox 360 for a month or so, now and again it would freeze in the middle of a game. The first time it started happening it was always the same level in multiplayer Rainbow Six: Las Vegas, so we put it down to that level. Once we’d cleared it the X360 was working fine.

A while after that though, probably a month, it started freezing on the new game I’d bought, Forza Motorsport 2. Then things went from bad to worse.

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XBox 360, a few months in…

My engagement present arrived, an XBox 360 system (the one with a controller and hard drive), S-Video Cable and Project Gotham Racing 3. Yes, I’m a lucky man and when the box arrived, a very excited one.

Now though, after being an owner for a good five days, I have to say I’m incredibly underwhelmed, and it’s not down to the fact that I don’t yet have an HD TV.

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“Serious Games” for e-learning

I’ve been reading lot’s recently about “serious games” for e-learning and to date I haven’t read anyone who has hit the mark on what makes games work and how games would be applied to e-learning.

So far people seem overly hooked on big, immersive, high-end graphic based games such as Tomb Raider, and for those of you who have seen the latest incarnation of Tomb Raider you know that this means a fairly powerful graphics system to display, tons of development time from a huge staff, and bags of cash. Quite rightly these people identify the fact that this just wouldn’t work in e-learning.

Yet they’re missing the point. The gaming doesn’t need to be this kind of first person based game. In fact some incredibly popular games for the new XBox 360 platform are based on games that they were around with the first few generations of computers.

So why are these commentators stuck on such high-end solutions? Perhaps it’s the money they can make in developing them?

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Brothers in Arms – Game Learning and poor sequels

I’ve been a huge fan of the game Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. For those of you who don’t know it’s a game that puts you in the shoes of a soldier dropped in France on D-Day. As he gathers stragglers and gets together his team he finds command points and carries through a series of missions based on actual events.

The game is a first person shooter. That means you are looking through the eyes of the soldier and are shooting enemies. There’s a bit more to it than that though as you command up to two squads, one suppression team and one attack team. They have various equipment and tactics depending on which team they belong to, and they behave quite intelligently too.

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Preordering the XBox 360?

There’s no denying it, I’ve stopped playing videogames as much as I used to. I still play though, and I love playing them. Getting caught up in it, whether it’s feeling as though it’s really you in the dark suit creeping about and getting huge frights when the alarm is raised, or just racing around a track against other cars, the feeling of escapism, relaxation and adrenaline is superb fun.

I’ve become really selective in what I play now though, I look for something with really good playability, usually very immersive, and it must have longevity too. That usually means I’m looking for the top games to go along with the consoles. Right now I have the Xbox and the PS2, and the kind of games I’m talking about are Splinter Cell, Halo, Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto, Project Gotham Racing, you get the idea, the killer titles.

So what am I going to do now as the Xbox 360 is due out one day before my birthday? Nothing. For the first time I’m not preordering and I’m not leaping to it as soon as it’s out. Why? Let me tell you…

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New XBox to kill off old

Microsoft have announced their second generation games console. Quite simply put that means their XBox 2, named the XBox 360, this is almost 3½ years after its release, whereas the Playstation 2 has been on release now for almost 5 years. Some difference.

An article I read recently asked you to think of a few titles that were available with the XBox on its release, I thought of more than a few, then it asked you to think of one title that was released with the PS2. I was totally stuck. Now, that’s not because they were bad stated the article, it’s because it was so long ago. The XBox is due replaced before even the first generation of games have been played out of the console, and out of the owners minds.

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