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Contextual Big Data and my Bank Accounts

I’ve been thinking about two things to do with data and how it is presented, mainly to do with Learning Systems but the ideas apply to anything, and lately I’ve been using my Internet Banking application and wondering why it doesn’t behave in this way.

There are two concepts I have in my mind whenever I’m looking at a Learning System, contextual data and the analysis of the data on hand. Basically the idea of a system analysing the data it has on you and, making assumptions and suggestions based on it, and providing those to the owner of the data as and when they need them.

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…for solar powered streetlamps

Why don’t streetlamps follow the recent trend of parking meters (particularly in Edinburgh), put a solar panel on the top of the lamp and either have storage batteries in the pole itself or allow it to feed back into the grid. Can you imagine the power generated from a panel on every single streetlamp?