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PlayStation 4 Audio Problems and Inadequate Sony Support

Recently I noticed a problem with my PlayStation 4. When watching a Blu-ray with one of the new audio formats (DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD) it would only play in stereo. Play a game, stream something, or watch a DVD or Blu-ray with an audio track of Dolby Digital or DTS and they played

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The Arrogance of the Bell Ringing Canal Cyclists

I changed my cycling commuting route from the roads onto a section of the canal about three kilometres long. I had thought that it would be a lot safer than the road and, perhaps, allow me to get some good pace up. While I’ve managed to get a pace going on some sections, I have realised that the canal isn’t as safe a cycle as I first thought, and worse than that a fair number of the cyclists turn out to be quite the menace.

Amazingly I found that some of these canal cyclists are oblivious to a number of things such as common courtesy, rules of the road (or path), right of way, animals, and last, but not least, people. Of course they have their bells, and that makes everything right.

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Why Politicians Aren’t For Us

I am very engaged in politics and I do vote whenever I can. I never waste my vote, even if I don’t agree with any of the candidates standing, I’ll still vote for the least awful option. In my mind a spoiled ballot paper or a no show at the voting booth is a truly wasted one, that’s where I would give up my rights to say anything about what happens in politics from then until the next election. If I do complain or comment, and I haven’t voted or spoiled my paper, I wholly expect someone to call me out on it and tell me to keep my opinions to myself. I didn’t want to vote, you get what you’re given.

So I will vote, and because of that I’ll look at what all the candidates have to say and consider what they stand for. That’s why I turned over to watch the first Leadership Debate on television last night.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the half hour mark, and I will not be watching any more. The problem? The politicians.

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Scottish Hydro Electric leave 69 year old with no heating or hot water for ten days

Now straight away I’m going to say that this is a recount of the story that has happened to my father which he told me over the phone last night, a fuller account will come as he calms down from the stress and me from the anger, for this is a disgraceful situation for Scottish Hydro Electric and either reeks of extreme incompetence or a deliberate attempt to exploit a sixty-nine year old man living by himself. It sounds like one of these rip-off stories you hear on programmes like Watchdog, where a small company bullies old people into giving them large amounts of cash for work that just doesn’t need to be done. It’s almost as if my father is being held to ransom. Let me recount the story, and I’m sure my father will add more detail or correct me through the comments or by email.

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England dominates British television

I couldn’t believe what ITV have done tonight, it may seem trivial to those outside Scotland, but it goes to show how the country is treated when it comes to National versus English television.

It seems that while England are served their national team playing football, Scotland can’t see theirs, nor can they see the programme that’s usually on at the same time.

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Shock horror news reports from BBC!

I’m really getting fed up with the way the news is being presented these days, more and more it’s short, sharp headlines, with reporters pushing people for something controversial or interesting whatever the story and whatever the real story behind it.

There’s also the growing trend of leaping on a story that’s “hot gossip” rather than doing some investigative journalism – why explain the failure of UN forces in the Congo and what the truth behind the problems there is when we can focus on the inane and blown out of all proportion story of Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and Andrew Sachs?

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Edinburgh Airport diversions and noise

Back in March we received a note through our door saying that there was going to be maintenance on the main runway at Edinburgh Airport. It would take place overnight, and would mean that the night time flights would have to be diverted to a backup runway. This meant they would have to fly over the south west corner of the city, and therefore our house.

I thought at the time it all seemed sensible and the period of time wasn’t too bad, and to be honest we’ve grown to live the with sound of large, low flying jets over our house throughout the night. However now and again the noise is incredible, like last night.

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Formula 1 pretends to be green

I had to laugh, although I’ve been avoiding Formula 1 after I’ve just lost all hope of fairness in the sport after years of McLaren bashing and Ferrari winning, I’ve heard the news about the attempts at the Japanese Grand Prix to focus the minds of the fans on the environment.

In order to highlight the problem the tyre manufacturer painted the grooves in the tyres green.

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The era of cheap energy is over…tough luck says government

John Hutton is the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform for the UK, and just yesterday he said “The era of cheap energy is over”, and I couldn’t believe he had the audacity to say that.

After all, what has his government been doing? Sitting on their arses ignoring the situation for the last umpteen years? I’m afraid so.

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