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EIFF Day three, Screenings two

So the third day begins. This morning I had some time before my first screening to get some writing done, unfortunately I used it to write up some news stories instead of doing the review, so I’m a bit behind. Hopefully the gap this afternoon will help me get out another. This evening is a

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EIFF Day One, Screenings Four

It all started a lot better than yesterday’s fiasco, with the arrival at the Press Office bang on 08:30 and finding them already open and waiting. My information and pack were obtained within seconds by a group of ladies who were quite nervous, perhaps they thought I was someone important! The pack was good this

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The Movie Blog – Downtime

Once again, not sure how many people from The Movie Blog will read this, but it’s the only way to get out a message at the moment. During a rework of the site yesterday, which almost completed, the Hosting Company locked us out of the site. No clear reason why, and an embarassing message posted

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