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The Genesis Code – John Case

Reviews and the reading for some of John Case’s later novels, many of which said to refer to his earlier work, pointed me in the direction of this novel. So I did just that and bought it to read on holiday. Unfortunately I can say that they were wrong.

The book stars interestingly enough and gives us our first glimpse of the main character Joe Lassiter, a seemingly very successful private investigator running his own highly regarded firm. It’s here that the story started to encounter rocky ground.

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Nobody True – James Herbert

Another one of the 3 for 2 books I got from Waterstones that pulled me back into devouring books.

I can remember my choice for the book as well, UK author, I love horror. Yet there was that book of his I read that was about fairies, nymphs and other such garden creatures, that was a stinker that hardly engaged me. Having said that there was Creed, that was a book that I remember to be really quite scary, grounded and very engaging, but that was a long time ago.

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