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Daredevil Born Again

I have a large collection of comics from when I was younger, some good, some bad, and some really unique. My favourites by far were X-Men and Daredevil. Since then I’ve moved to graphic novels and collections rather than buying comic after comic you can get a really strong story and much longer, and quite frankly waiting a week between story updates would kill me nowadays.

With that move to graphic novels I really began following Batman more than anyone and I lost touch with both the X-Men and Daredevil. The movie peaked my interest again, but quickly killed it. It totally destroyed the character for me and I left him for dead. Then I was given this novel from a friend for helping them rebuild their PC.

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Jeffrey Deaver – A Maiden’s Grave

I’d heard much about Deaver before looking out some of his works, and as I added a few of his books to my wish list my girlfriend pointed something out, she bought one of his books ages ago and it was on the shelf behind me. That night it was sitting on my bedside table and I started to read. I wasn’t disappointed.

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Batman: A death in the family – Starlin, Aparo, DeCarlo

This is the graphic novel version of the four issue Batman series which became one of the best sellers and used an innovative method of story development.

For those of you who don’t know, this series is about Batman some time after his run in with The Cult. His judgement is still slightly cloudy, but he is back to full operation. Robin however, is removed from active duty as Batman sees him growing moody and careless as he shows he’s not yet over the death of his parents. Robin then begins to find the leftovers of his past while Batman goes on the trail of the Joker on one of his most deadliest schemes ever.

However, events come together and abroad Batman may have to face some of the toughest decisions and consequences of his life, as does Robin.

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Batman: The Cult – Starlin, Wrightson, Wray

The Cult deals with a difficult topic in the world of Batman, a world where he is an unstoppable force against all criminals, even his arch enemy the Joker himself. Yet in this story he is not only taken and beaten physically, but he is also beaten mentally, and there is the shocking part, Batman is broken. Pulled into a Cult where the enigmatic leader seems to serve a higher purpose, he is brainwashed using common techniques, and turns to their goals and methods.

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Out – Natsuo Kirino

Cover of Out by Natsuo KirinoThis was a book recommended in Waterstones, and I was going through a phase (and still am) of buying loads of books and reading like mad. So you know how I made the choice to buy this one? The cover. I was on a 3 for 2 offer and had another book to get, and I saw this lovely cover and picked it up. The paperback version seems so plyable and holdable, I can hardly describe it but it feels like a great book to hold.

So, onto the book itself! It is the first of Kirino’s novels to be translated into English. Being an established crime writer in Japan and having several of her books made into movies it certainly seemed promising enough. My only problem, having read some Japanese translated novels before, was the clinkiness of the read once translated. I was extremely surprised.

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Dark Knight Returns – Frank Miller

(with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley)

This is an excellent Graphic Novel which does justice to the story of Batman. As the title suggests, he’s Dark. Following a thin line between good and evil, and on a tightrope of hero or vigilante, and this is reflected throughout the book with excerpts from Gotham TV debate shows on that very topic.

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