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Chatham Honda

Graeme P Chatham (East) Ltd I’ve kept clear of writing this review for over a year now, mainly because I’ve been waiting for my first service to come through, but also to let some of the earlier feelings subside from my experience with the Sales team. However now seems the time to write this.


I’ve been with Webfusion for a little while now. A company who, now I come to think of it, I can’t actually remember why I chose them. Perhaps it was convenience as my Domain Registrar 123reg was their sister company, but price was involved as I remember the cost against offering for the year was

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Bannatynes is a very successful chain of gyms, and although I’ve only been to two (Aberdeen and Edinburgh) there’s not a lot I can say against them apart from over crowding.


I’d been with Elephant for quite a few years, and they were probably the first Insurance company that have lowered my premium from year to year, until that is I purchased the S2000.

I buy quite a lot over the Internet, and I’m not overly concerned about purchasing items this way than if I was standing in the store, until it comes to items that require sizing. So it was with a lot of care I purchased a bike for my girlfriend for her Christmas. There were a

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American Express – Gold Card

My previous Credit Card company was Barclaycard and I was with them for something like seven years. In those years I missed perhaps three or four payments through sheer forgetfulness or some trip away, but each time I came back, paid the late fine and continued on. I use it as a Charge Card, I

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I’ve been a long time user of Amazon so a lot of the rating they receive is from all the orders on time and in perfect condition, including GTA: San Andreas and Halo 2 arriving on their release day. However I am, as anyone invariably would, going to write about the recent bad experience. It’s

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The Scotsman Hotel

We recently were given some vouchers for a free nights stay at The Scotsman hotel in Edinburgh, and so for my Birthday we decided to stay and enjoy the excesses that we hoped it would offer. We were right. Walking into the hotel you suddenly realise three things, firstly that it is gorgeous inside, that

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