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The Jolly Boys Last Stand

When I saw the cast list on this DVD I was extremely torn. On one side there were the talents and draw of Andy Serkis, while on the other there was the name of Sacha Baron Cohen, the man behind Ali G, you would struggle hard to find two more opposite talents.

Serkis, and the rest of the impressive British talent list, persuaded me to give it a fair viewing, so I stuck it in and pressed play, fired up the amp and settled down to a surprisingly good and realistic film.

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Sky Blue \ Wonderful Days

Sky Blue, or Wonderful Days, was a totally, and please forgive the pun, out of the blue choice for me and I chose it for no other reason than it popped up in my recommendations list for my DVD rental service. Something that shows how good the recommendation service is on the LOVEFiLM DVD rental service which I can’t recommend enough.

It’s a Korean animated movie that boasts stunning visuals and a huge plot, so tasting it cold was a bit of a gamble that seems to have paid off.

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National Treasure

I never really thought much of this movie from the moment I saw the opening ten minutes that the Studio posted on the Internet, the conclusions of the main character to work through the puzzles were completely wild and speculative, grasping at straws the audience had even conceived, and it just made the writing seem extremely dumb.

When I saw the whole movie I wasn’t far wrong, the person I watched it with actually fell asleep during the movie. So why the score you might ask, well that’s down to the DVD itself. It’s a superbly interactive DVD that can keep you amused for sometime, encouraging you to work through all the additional materials to figure out the clues contained within.

As for the movie…well…

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The Forgotten

Hearing about this movie you really do get a sense of excitement in the story, it sounds like a great idea and although it’s one that’s been used before, this time the focus is very much on a human aspect. However its execution isn’t that great and there are some big flaws with the movie that really do harm it.

It really is a shame because the actors are all lined up for a superb movie, and the script and filmmaking let it down. Yet there are some saving graces.

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Sigaw (Echo)

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie, having never visited Philippine Cinema before I had no real frame of reference. So a response to a post on the Movie Blog from the Director of Sigaw, Yam Laranas, was a welcome surprise.

I had heard that this movie carried similar themes to Asian Horror, and indeed that Philippine horror took references from the Far East, and that a number of people who had seen this movie recommended it quite strongly.

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a film about Jimi Hendrix: Delux Edition

First off, a huge apology to Christy for taking so long to do this review, and so many other people who are also waiting for my reviews to go online, life has been particularly busy since the Edinburgh Film Festival began, and so all my reviews have fallen by the wayside.

However, I’m on the way back, and this first one is a remastered DVD release of a 1973 documentary about Jimi Hendrix.

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The Phantom of the Opera

This review is going to be a little bit different, I was applying for a new job (I use italics since the job doesn’t actually pay!) of writing DVD reviews for a DVD magazine both online and offline. I had to review a few DVD’s that I’d seen in a format similar to theirs, so I wrote up two that I have already written on my site, and then a new one, which is this very movie.

Check out the format, I actually like it, although the colours would have to change to match the site. I really like the DVD details though as I find that I can review (as with this movie) a DVD that isn’t actually available, or at least a version different to the general release version.

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Exorcist – The Beginning (Renny Harlin version)

Having read all the backstory to this movie I was really quite curious to see how the second attempt, but first release, had done, especially before the firs movie was released…second!

So just to fill you in, if you didn’t already know. Paul Schrader of Taxi Driver fame completed the movie and screened it to the Studio idiots Executives. They didn’t like it, with a vengeance. So they sacked him and hired Renny Harlin to remake it with more gore than psychological terror.So that is how I came to the movie, knowing this history and that the Harlin version had been subsequently panned by the critics.

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