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Braid Hills Hotel Bistro

We’d heard good things about this place, and with it being nearby and my parents down for the weekend, we thought we might give it a go. Now though I wish we hadn’t.

The location looks great, and when we walked in it looked like it might be a nice place. The first sign that things might be a bit wrong was when we were pointed to our table across the other side of the room by one of the serving staff who remained behind the bar.

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Guru – Puerto Pollensa

From the walk by this looks like a relaxed but up-market restaurant, with wooden tables in a larger than average courtyard surrounded by a wooden framework covered by two retractable cloth roofs and fold down clear fabric walls. Luckily on our first visit the walls were up and the first roof section was retracted, allowing for a great outdoor feel but still protected from some of the cool evening. Another added advantage for this restaurant in Puerto Pollenca this year were the tall standing paraffin lamps circling around the courtyard, keeping the unusual amount of mosquito’s away from us and our food!

Update: 21/11/2006

On our return we discovered that much of what we had loved about this restaurant was gone, and so the rating has been moved from its previous four stars to a mere one star. Head down the full article for the explanation.

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