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Sweet Melindas

This is our second visit to Sweet Melinda’s and it wasn’t a disappointment. The atmosphere there is very homely, it feels almost as if you’re in someone’s home. The service is friendly and very personable, it’s a lovely place to eat out and spend an evening.

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La Font del Gall – Pollensa

Although we only stopped in for a small lunch and a coffee we were still impressed. Located in a side street adjacent to the magnificent Calvari Steps in the center of Pollensa, it provides a wonderfully authentic feel as we were seated outside in a narrow side street looking towards a chapel at one end, and a small square at the other. This cafe and restaurant provides a Fresh contemporary cuisine with a Scottish twist.

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Howies – Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Recently, and bear with me on this one, I upgraded my Bank account to a special account that gives you a bunch of freebies and helpful phone and Internet services, one of these is for eating out and getting a nice 25% off your bill!

Thanks very much we thought and decided to book Howies in Bruntsfield, a very atmospheric restaurant in a lovely building and location. I had expected that the experience would be dampened by the 25% off deal, as we would get lesser a table or service.

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Patio – Edinburgh

When my friend and I ventured out for a few drinks one evening our hunger took the better of us and we decided we really needed something filling, since we were walking down Hanover Street at the time, Italian it was. That, for those of you who don’t know, is because there are masses of them in one street. He chose the Patio, and I followed on.

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Marshalls – Edinburgh

Lunchtimes at work can be difficult, finding the time just for your lunch hour is hard enough (at least in my job) and making something appetising in the mornings can either be too much to cope with or just too time consuming. So finding something quick, tasty in a healthy portion and not pretentious enough to break your wallet and in the short time you have can be quite a hassle. Another hassle you could probably do without during the day.

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Thai Lemongrass – Edinburgh

As soon as you walk into this restaurant you know you are in for an authentic meal. The staff are dressed in Thai clothing and bow gently with their hands clasped to greet you. The decor is warm and inviting, with nice wooden tables and uplighters embedded in the floor. The settings are bamboo style mats and each table has a small bowl of Thai crackers awaiting you before your appetiser. It all spelled out the perfect atmosphere for a lovely Thai meal.

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Caffé Luccano – Edinburgh

Once we’d left Monster Mash without pudding on Pablo’s recommendation, we decided to try out Caffé Luccano, and Pablo kindly offered to buy us some coffee and cakes. Good man, good choice.

It appears family run, and very busy, we stood and waited for a table – our first being taken by some rude Grannies – and we were attended to very quickly. Cakes weren’t hard to choose, they looked big, rich and very bad for you. Right on all counts, which meant they were even more tasty!

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Monster Mash – Edinburgh

I am a huge lover of mashed potatoes, in fact potatoes in any form, but I particularly love the mashed variety, add to that the fact that I love sausages – good ones, not ones mixed with hooves and noses – and it sounds like Monster Mash is my personal heaven.

We’ve been trying to go here for ages, and Saturday was the day, heading across early because we’ve seen it get really busy, we grabbed a booth before the rush started and began to be a little concerned. It doesn’t look that well kept, and everything looks like an old English cafe.

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