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The Jacket

The Jacket sparked some interest for me when it came out because of the unusual plot and the knowledge that it had filmed in Bangour Village Hospital in Scotland. IMDB describes the plot as A military veteran goes on a journey into the future, where he can foresee his death and is left with questions that could save his life and those he loves.

Sounds really interesting doesn’t it? It certainly did to me, and it suggested that the plot could be complex, involved and very consuming…yet it kind of failed to deliver for me.

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Transporter 2

The Transporter had a great idea for a movie and a superb character to build upon. A man who transported any type of goods for anyone, no questions asked, followed his own set of strict rules, and could seriously kick ass if anything got in his way. The premise was superb, and the movie The Transporter was a seriously good fun action movie that had some over the top and insane stunts you could hardly believe but were superbly entertaining. Then there was Jason Statham who looked great, sounded fantastic, and did a damn fine performance in the role. It was what it was, a great fun action movie.

So when I got the opportunity to see Transporter 2 at the local and excellent Edinburgh Ocean Terminal Vue Cinema I couldn’t say no to seeing some insane driving, superb stunts and highly enjoyable entertainment. Sorry Richard, wrong movie.

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