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Garmin’s Vivosmart HR

I’ve now had my Vivosmart HR – that’s the new Garmin Vivosmart device, a wrist band that measures heart rate, delivers notifications from your phone, and more – for some seven days. While it does more than the previous Vivosmart, which I had for some time and found practical, easy and extremely useful, it isn’t

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International Paints

When I first got my garage I did something with it that no other person near me seemed to have thought of. I put my car in it! Although that meant it was protected from the general dust that is created when you live hear a worksite, it wasn’t protected from the dust falling from the concrete walls.

I would leave the car in the garage for a day or two and find it covered in a white dust, something that I needed to remedy quickly otherwise I’d soon get bored of washing the car every weekend whether it had been driven or not. Plus concrete dust on paintwork isn’t a very good idea.

So I decided to seal it, and found some perfect looking paint in the local B&Q. Despite the expense, I bought it and headed home to being the painting.

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King of Shaves

I first came across King of Shaves some time ago when my girlfriend bought me a small bottle of shaving oil, and I do mean small, these bottles are around a couple of inches tall. I wondered how it was going to help me shaving, and she was raving about how good they were, I was sceptical.

For years I’ve shaved with a razor and used shaving foam, whatever I do I still get burn and cuts, doesn’t matter about new blade or not, cold or hot water, with or against the grain. It would just happen, I’d never really feel like I was getting a smooth shave. Plus I really felt as though I was throwing out my blades when they seemed to have much more life in them, my face just didn’t like it.

So I shut up and tried the oil.

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I’ve not been blogging that long, but one of my friends has been and it was Martin that turned me on to blogging with his cool site, and also on to MovableType (MT) itself. Since then I’ve only looked back to appreciate the fact that I got MT installed and setup before I got too far into the blogging experience.

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Jewelultra Diamondbrite

It took me long enough to decide to buy the Honda S2000 GT, and when I did I decided to get some of the extras offered. While I was researching it I was thinking about the paintwork and keeping it clean, I would hand wax my old MR2 MKII every six months, and while it kept the lustre for a short while, without a lot of hard work I never really got it looking stunning, if you’ll excuse the use of the sales pitch, like the out of the showroom shine.

So I had a look at the products on offer to treat the paintwork and ensure the dirt didn’t stick so easily and found that Honda were offering the Jewelultra Diamondbrite process. I took that to the Honda UK Owners Club Forum to find out what current owners thought of it, and there was mixed reaction. Some said it was good, some said it was bad, and a lot were recommending other US products that meant a lot of hand waxing.

It was ages after that when I finally decided to buy the car, and while I was sitting there thinking about the cash I was about to part with I decided just to get it done. An extra £200 was just a fraction of the cost of the car, and if it did what it promised, well then it was worth it.

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1st Page 2000

1st page is a free piece of software available over the Internet from a company called Eversoft. It’s a complete HTML editor allowing previews through multiple browsers, live previews, online help, scripting and object assistance, etc, etc.

For me it’s the most complete editor I’ve seen outside of Dreamweaver, but the beauty is that it’s small, quick to run, and easy to operate, things which other editors tend not to be.

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I’m quite new to blogging, what with the age of my site and my writing for the MovieBlog, and I’ve not long discovered the idea of RSS feeds – I still have to figure out how to put two blogs into one RSS file.

I found that while I was researching stories for the MovieBlog I was looking at about thirty other sites trying to read all the stories in the short time I had. Then there were the sites for my friends and the sites I just liked visiting for a read. It was all getting too much, and the researching was taking so long I never had time to write.

Then, somehow, I can’t remember exactly how, I came across the Bloglines site and discovered the joy of feeds.

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Bamboo Flooring

…strips of Bamboo, which technically is a grass not a timber. Bamboo is harder than Oak…and makes an ideal flooring material.
Solid Floor

This is now the second flat I’ve had Bamboo Flooring in and it’s gorgeous. A lovely colouring which produces a golden warmth and a very distinctive pattern where the Bamboo is pressed together to form the wooden slats.

It’s solid wood, not composite or part wood, but still made into slotable sections that link together and could be fitted by yourself, if you felt that way inclined.

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