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King of Shaves

I first came across King of Shaves some time ago when my girlfriend bought me a small bottle of shaving oil, and I do mean small, these bottles are around a couple of inches tall. I wondered how it was going to help me shaving, and she was raving about how good they were, I was sceptical.

For years I’ve shaved with a razor and used shaving foam, whatever I do I still get burn and cuts, doesn’t matter about new blade or not, cold or hot water, with or against the grain. It would just happen, I’d never really feel like I was getting a smooth shave. Plus I really felt as though I was throwing out my blades when they seemed to have much more life in them, my face just didn’t like it.

So I shut up and tried the oil.

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1st Page 2000

1st page is a free piece of software available over the Internet from a company called Eversoft. It’s a complete HTML editor allowing previews through multiple browsers, live previews, online help, scripting and object assistance, etc, etc.

For me it’s the most complete editor I’ve seen outside of Dreamweaver, but the beauty is that it’s small, quick to run, and easy to operate, things which other editors tend not to be.

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Bamboo Flooring

…strips of Bamboo, which technically is a grass not a timber. Bamboo is harder than Oakā€¦and makes an ideal flooring material.
Solid Floor

This is now the second flat I’ve had Bamboo Flooring in and it’s gorgeous. A lovely colouring which produces a golden warmth and a very distinctive pattern where the Bamboo is pressed together to form the wooden slats.

It’s solid wood, not composite or part wood, but still made into slotable sections that link together and could be fitted by yourself, if you felt that way inclined.

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Opera Web Browser

I’ve always had a thing against Microsoft and their heavy, heavy applications, and Internet Explorer is no different. It takes ages to load, and running multiple windows can really start your system churning. Add to that the standard difficult to configure options and the lack of control over your information you’ve not got a poor browser indeed.

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My complete Home Cinema System

Straight up, I’m going to review the entire system together. Firstly because the equipment is old enough not to be interesting to anyone to purchase, and secondly it allows anyone reading the DVD reviews to understand what I’m reviewing on. Oh, I guess there is a third, it’s easier for me!

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