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I love the format of Crime Scene Investigates, or CSI, and I fell for the original quite easily. Especially with the highly overlooked talents of William Peterson who starred in the excellent original movie of the Thomas Harris Manhunter. There’s something about that original format, and you can read my own review here.

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24: Season 3

I haven’t reviewed Season 1 and 2, but I’ll nod them both here. The first 24 was fantastic, it was brimming with style and a wonderfully crafted script which was matched so well to real time there didn’t seem to be any slips. It was also packed with twists and turns in the writing, and something that is so genuinely unique in today’s scripts, surprises. Genuine surprises. Ones that made you gasp out loud and gaze wide eyed at your partner not sure why that had just happened.

Season 2 effectively ramped up the entertainment, and although the side plot line of the daughter stuck out like a sore “I’m the token emotional anchor” thumb, the overall series was once again stunning. It delivered just as much as before, but with extra relish, surprise and gasp factor. Even leaving you at the end of the series stunned and wanting more.

So, then came Season 3. After rumour of Keifer Sutherland not being in it and it becoming a straight to DVD, we were rewarded with his return.

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Geldof on Fathers

An extremely moving documentary on the plight of Fathers who battle for custody for their children, from the moment they split with their wife the courts label them as second rate with the Wives taking custody in a phenomenal amount of cases. The Fathers, who for the majority have done nothing wrong, gain pitiful hours of access every few weeks.

Bob Geldof presents a very emotional insight into the plight of Fathers on breakup of a Marriage, and the failure of the British courts to even consider the Father as a viable parent.

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After three series this show is still going strong on BBC, and that is surprising. With the wealth of strong political, spy and police based drama coming from the States to both Channel 5 and Channel 4 it must be difficult for a BBC spy drama to even keep up, especially considering the first series launched during the run of 24!

Interestingly 24 was running on BBC at the time, and they had commissioned Spooks as well as broadcasting it at the same time – one might ask if they wanted it to fail. It didn’t.

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Another excellent American crime drama brought across to a British audience.

CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigations, and each week one or two new crimes are committed just in time for the CSI team to investigate. Based in Los Vegas, the team are faced with many strange cases which call for new and varying methods of uncovering evidence.

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