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Portlethen Coastal Run Photographs

Going home to see my Dad, my brother and his family, or my friends, has meant a couple of trail runs along the Portlethen coast. Well, when the alcohol and food levels allow! I’ve discovered a couple of good routes only recently, and it has some really nice places. Such as the Portlethen Community Woodland

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Garmin’s Vivosmart HR

I’ve now had my Vivosmart HR – that’s the new Garmin Vivosmart device, a wrist band that measures heart rate, delivers notifications from your phone, and more – for some seven days. While it does more than the previous Vivosmart, which I had for some time and found practical, easy and extremely useful, it isn’t

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Garmin, Tracking and Courses. How it Should Work.

I’ve been a Garmin 310XT and Connect, their web platform for monitoring and managing your GPS activities, for some time now, but I’d never actually used all the available features.

Features such as Multi-Sport, seeing an outing later this year when I actually attempt a triathlon, and Courses, a feature that allows you to create a route you are going to carry out an activity on, transfer it to your device, and then have the device keep you on Course and track you against it.

There were a number of things that I thought a Course would offer and do for me, unfortunately the expected features just aren’t there and it turns out that Courses are seriously underutilised and exploited.

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Running schedule and update

It’s time to give a little update on the running situation, rather than bore people with updates after every run, I’ve held off to write about every new stage.

However time has once again beaten me and here I find myself several weeks on. The main surprise though is hoe much I’m enjoying it and how obvious the effect is.

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Running Training: Day Four

Day four of the running training meant stepping up a notch on the training calendar that Mr. Morrow had given us, damn him for getting us into this malarkey. We went out on Saturday morning, not the best of choices since my wife had drunk the best part of a bottle of wine and I’d had about four pints of Guinness…the night before I hasten to add, not for breakfast!

Still we attempted the run and we had to now up the ante to two minutes running with one minute walking repeat times seven. So that meant a longer course and because of the route around where we live, a steep climb to finish on.

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Running Training: Day Three

Well that was the third run of the programme, week one is officially over, and it was a tough one, I can’t tell you how tough. Of course the night before was pizza and red wine, again not the best before a run, and add into that the fact that we got up at eight in the morning after an interrupted night of sleep with bad dreams for my wife and a late night reading for me.

You can see we weren’t doing ourselves any favours. We took the same route as the last run as it’s just outside our front door, hence why I’m not embedding the route here. Oh, and the good news is I’ve found a service to stick with online, it’s superb.

Although we did the same route as last time the stats were slightly different, let’s have a look.

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Running Training: Day Two

Well I had my second run the other evening, that’s Tuesday the 30th of June, and it was a lot easier. We actually ran from our house and discovered a short loop that comes right back to the front door which matches the first week’s training run almost perfectly.

We’ll see how it does for the second week, but we have plenty little side tracks to add onto it to make it a little longer, one’s even off road and over a big hill, not looking forward to that one.

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Running Training: Day One

This was a shock to us that the night before Saturday 27th of June, during some wine partaking, we decided just to go for it the next day, no planning, no organisation, just doing it. I looked out the marathon training plan that my mate Dave Morrow had sent me and we continued with the wine.

Come the morning, slightly dodgy heads, we leapt into action and headed down to the beach at Silverknowes.

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Marathon training, me?

I’ve been talking for some time about doing something for charity, a long bike ride, a virtual row around Britain, something to raise money for either the British Heart Foundation or some form of cancer care, however I’ve always talked about it and never really followed through.

My friend Dave Morrow kept talking about how I should try running, and slowly, over time, circumstances colluded. My bike, my second favourite form of exercise, is broken and while it is I’m piling on weight, a colleague, similar build to me, trained and ran a 10k, and then Dave sent me a training programme for a marathon.

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