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British Airways and Terminal 5

We were concerned before we flew off on our honeymoon that we would be flying out of the new Terminal 5 in London’s Heathrow airport – you know the one with the huge complaints of delays and lost/delayed luggage that had once again shown just how poorly we British can build and implement things.

However the reality was far from our expectations built from the media coverage, and in fact I wondered if we were indeed in Terminal 5 at all.

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Wedding plans leap forward

I haven’t really been blogging about the wedding as much as I thought I would have been, that’s mainly down to the heavy hit my blogging has taken from two separate sources, one of which I will write all about later this week – you should definitely read that one, it has a huge impact on the rights of bloggers.

However I hope to change a lot of that, especially as the wedding plans have taken a huge leap forward. We’ve done quite a bit since we began searching for venues.

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Venue 1: The Royal Terrace Hotel

Royal Terrace Hotel has one thing that has so far tainted every other place we’ve been too, Blythe. She’s the lady who’d be looking after our wedding for us and we really liked her. She was lovely, open to any suggestions – even bangers and mash for the wedding meal – and was extra accommodating. We could do anything we wanted and she could organise it, or we could do it jointly, anything at all.

Don’t panic parents, the bangers and mash was just a joke. Although there might be something of that ilk at the buffet!

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The Wedding planning…venue or date?

I proposed some time ago to my girlfriend and since then there’s been a continuing trend of questions about the wedding, mostly about the date, and here’s where the wedding journey begins, and we seem to hit an impass.

I think we should chose the venue before the date, and my fianceé thinks we should have the date before the venue. She wants a date to tell everyone and work to, mainly because everyone asks about a date and seems to place the most importance on it, and I want the venue that we both love before setting a date.

So what’s best?

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