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Shock horror news reports from BBC!

I’m really getting fed up with the way the news is being presented these days, more and more it’s short, sharp headlines, with reporters pushing people for something controversial or interesting whatever the story and whatever the real story behind it.

There’s also the growing trend of leaping on a story that’s “hot gossip” rather than doing some investigative journalism – why explain the failure of UN forces in the Congo and what the truth behind the problems there is when we can focus on the inane and blown out of all proportion story of Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and Andrew Sachs?

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Inconsistencies of travelling and why it’s better to pollute

My Fiancée and I travelled down to London recently to see a premiere screening of 300. This week I’ve been invited to go to see Alpha Dog and 300 at the IMAX, and both are out. Why? Travelling costs, they are horrendous.

Yet when we were looking at the costs to travel to London there was a clear winner, and it was the most polluting method of transport we could have chosen, barring riding a leaking nuclear reactor down the country.

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Airport security – is it really making us safer?

Do you want to know how to identify terrorists? They buy in bulk and large containers. Terrorists never buy items below 100mls. Even 120mls and that’s likely to be your man, anything else and you’re safe. Well that’s what it seems to be when you’re entering an Airport anyway.

See we didn’t realise that the liquid ban was still enforced, and when we checked the website the previous night we didn’t pick up that we weren’t physically allowed these items on the flight, seems that we didn’t read them carefully enough.

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Green Taxes? How does that help?

So suddenly, out of the blue, a report comes out that Global Warming is having a deadly effect on our planet and that we could be destroying our children’s future and the Prime Minister is backing it with very strong words.

Well done. For me I just watch the weather, read New Scientist news feeds, keep an open mind and watched An Inconvenient Truth, and I have known for some time that things aren’t going well. I’m sure we all have. Except now it’s seen as a trendy issue and one that could have an effect at the poles.

Then the papers suddenly have the rumoured leak – a common practice to gauge public opinion – of increases in taxes, Green Taxes as they are called, proposed by the Government.

Taxes? How are these going to solve the impending crisis we’re facing? How is earning the Government more money to the budget going to stop the pollution?

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The Birds of Brunton are attacked

My Mum and Dad have a great garden and they make good use of it, but they aren’t the only ones. They have a couple of bird tables, various feeders, nesting boxes, even some bat boxes, all laid around the garden to let the birds enjoy the garden too. Now when I say birds, I mean lots of birds. They don’t just get the odd visitor, at peak periods of the day the garden can resemble a school dinner queue (prior to Jamie Oliver getting involved), it gets really busy and pretty amazing to watch.

What’s also amazing is the sheer variety of birds they see, the usual birds you see flying around to doves, racing pidgeons, even a domestic dove was spotted the other day, but this visitor takes the biscuit.

Something happened one day to break the tranquillity of McBrunton’s feeding stop, the arrival of a Sparrow Hawk. Oh no, I’m not kidding, and my quick thinking Mum manage to grab the camera and show the damage, for the garden birds are not the only ones who need to feed.

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An Inconvenient Truth

During the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year I was lucky enough to see the documentary An Inconvenient Truth starring Al Gore, the rightful President of the United States of America. I was shocked and moved to tears, not at Gore being pushed out of the Presidential elections, but at the harsh reality portrayed in the documentary.

No conspiracy theories here, there’s facts and undisputed figures, the shocking truth that we’re on the brink of self destruction and the fact that the US are doing everything they can to refute these facts.

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Is being environmentally friendly a joke?

I was watching a program on Channel 4 the other nigh called Grand Designs, showing how people designed and built their own homes. It’s a wonderful show because that’s exactly what I want to do in the future and it gives you great ideas and things to avoid. Yet during this episode I was becoming more and more frustrated with the host who kept referring to this one house as very environmentally friendly, when quite clearly it was nothing like it.

The reference seemed to be in relation to the fact that they had imported wood from Canada from managed forests, imported it into Scotland.

Now I haven’t carried out deep research on this but there are managed forests in Scotland that won’t require the fuel to power a tanker from one side of the Atlantic to the other. In fact they were doing this with all of their materials, and the house itself?

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Wind Farms

Of late there has been a lot of news in the press about wind farms in Scotland. We have the Scottish Executive releasing the “news” that they may axe seven planned Wind Farms in the next few months, preparation for the actual event if ever I heard it. Then we hear that Donald Trump complains that Scotland is in danger of ruining its world renowned scenery all for the sake of a little electricity while he looks to build an exclusive golf resort outside Aberdeen.

It does make me wonder what is going on in the minds of these people who are so opposed to such progress towards ecological forms of energy, and the excuses fall into various types. I’ve highlighted them below.

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Professor Richard Dawkins on religion

Religion is a topic that I feel quite strongly about, so much so in fact that I don’t talk about it much with other people as I know it will just lead to arguments and ultimately people who have religious beliefs just not talking to me anymore. So it’s fair to say I don’t talk about it, don’t discuss it much with people and try not to get into debates about it. However I will watch other people talk about it, and so the two part show on Channel 4 starting this coming Monday is up my street.

In fact the trailer for the show struck an amazing chord with me and this Professor Richard Dawkins managed to put into words what I’ve always thought but just never quite grasped.

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Red Nose Day and World Debt

Friday was Red Nose Day, and although I’ve always given, I’ve always been slightly irritated by the lack of acknowledgment of the part played, in these many overseas crises, by the Government’s themselves. I think this year highlighted this a lot for me this year, and again I feel the need to point out that I have no specialist knowledge of the situations in the African states other than what I am fed by the Media and Government.

This year was a harrowing one, and the films spaced between the comedy sequences were some of the saddest images I’ve ever seen since the original films from Ethiopia that sparked Band Aid. One presenter was finding it hard to speak as he introduced, and closed the piece he had filmed while he was there. Watching it was even harder. During the film he pointed out each person who was now dead from AIDS.

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