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A Perfect Cordless Home Phone

I’ve only found a couple of home phones that come close to what I’m looking for in a home phone. I don’t want a piece of outdated technology that’s no longer up to the job and is barely being looked at by companies, just enough to get something just the same as the model they issued five years ago, but with newer colours. Just enough to get a few people moving home to buy a new one.

Looking at the functionality I have on my mobile, on my computer, my television, my set-top box, I can’t believe the home phone has been left so far behind.

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Garmin, Tracking and Courses. How it Should Work.

I’ve been a Garmin 310XT and Connect, their web platform for monitoring and managing your GPS activities, for some time now, but I’d never actually used all the available features.

Features such as Multi-Sport, seeing an outing later this year when I actually attempt a triathlon, and Courses, a feature that allows you to create a route you are going to carry out an activity on, transfer it to your device, and then have the device keep you on Course and track you against it.

There were a number of things that I thought a Course would offer and do for me, unfortunately the expected features just aren’t there and it turns out that Courses are seriously underutilised and exploited.

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PlayStation 3, what’s missing

I’ve had my PlayStation 3 for a while now and there are things I love about it, and things I don’t, and there’s also things that are glaringly missing from the system that would make it the integrated system that they are trying for, and for the life of me I just don’t know why they haven’t implemented them. For all the excellent points about the development of the system, there are so many that are lacking.

First up though let’s get this straight, this is not an XBox 360 vs PS3 discussion because all we’ll get are people who love one and hate, and have more often than not never tried, the other. This isn’t about that, and I’m sure I could balance this article up with one on the XBox 360, as I have and play one, and talk about its good points and failings, for again there are many.

However let’s get back to the PS3.

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…an online gaming profile

I like the gaming profile you get with the XBox 360 and the ability to build up points, but you know it would be even better if they added a few features and expanded functionality. I’d like to be able to… …upload my own photo to my profile page. …see instantly the games someone has,

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…third party software

Wouldn’t it be great if every supplier of software no matter how large or small provided a single Internet feed for it, whether it be Atom, RSS or some other standardised XML. Then it would be so easy to keep a track of any software updates for your computer by just adding them all to

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…a car stereo

Now I’ll be the first to admit that my wants for this product are a bit off the mainstream, but still, it’s what I want that’s the point of these posts, so it’s what I want and that’s that.

Driving the S2000 means two important things for a car stereo. Firstly it should connect to the dashboard controls and utilise them fully. Secondly it needs to be small, and for this reason a MiniDisc system has been ideal, one slot and the discs are tiny, now though, there’s MP3.

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