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Crediting sources and copying content

This afternoon I found an interesting story on a games site which had an interview with the Director who was to be filming Halo, Neil Blomkamp. The site was Joystiq, who pointed to a site called Creativity Online who had the interview.

It was a really interesting interview that talked about why the Halo film was now officially dead, what the short films that had been created were for, and what hopes he had for the Halo film, hopes which were now gone.

I wrote and posted the story as the first of the film community to do so, I checked, and it wasn’t until a few hours later that the site Jo Blo picked up the story and credited Filmstalker with the find. Fast forward a few more hours and the other major film sites on the internet are picking it up, amazingly they all seem to have found it directly from Creativity Online.

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Working on Filmstalker

That’s my life at the moment. When I’m not working, I’m living and breathing Filmstalker, and do you know what? I’m loving it.

This weekend I just survived Dead by Dawn, the Horror Film Festival in Edinburgh that is running into its thirteenth year, and doing superbly well as it happens. I spent ages there, all night in fact on one day, and many hours the rest of the weekend. You can read all about the first two days over at Filmstalker.

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Arrogance on the Internet: Crediting sources, self promotion and respect

I’m angry at a number of specific people as well as a genre, shall we say, of Internet users for the continuing arrogance and abuse of content, authors rights, and people in general. It seems that with the use of the Internet something is forgotten, common decency, respect, the following of conventions, rules and even laws set in the real world.

There are three things that are particularly highlighted when writing on the Internet.

  • Crediting sources when writing content found from or through another site
  • Self promotion through commenting on other peoples sites
  • Common decency and respect when participating in Internet discussions

First up is the practice of people writing stories on their sites and not properly crediting the sources through which the original content was found, or not providing any credit at all. This is particularly annoying when you’re the one who had the story early on your site, and is something that’s really sprung to life since I started my own site Filmstalker.

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Movie Blog wins award

This is a great finish for 2005 for me, news that The Movie Blog has won a readers Blog Award for the Best Movies Blog. That, for those of you slow on the uptake, is a an award voted for by people who read the InterWeb and our site, and it makes me very proud indeed. In fact there’s a huge degree of vindication in that announcement.

You see I’ve been writing on the Movie Blog for well over a year now, and that involves a lot of time and research. Surprisingly enough I don’t get anything for it other than an enjoyment of talking about movies, the odd press screening, the odd free DVD (and not mainstream ones), some free movie visits and of course it’s given me a week of press events at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Yet apart from that, I get nothing for it.

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Movie writing and the EIFF

I’m excited today as my writing takes another step forward. There have been a number of big leaps for me so far, firstly there’s been writing for The Movie Blog and watching the monthly visits grow from 300,000 to 800,000. Then there was getting approved as Press in the Edinburgh cinemas and getting sent screeners for review from real life Directors.

In my mind these have been huge moves in my life, and have filled me with drive and excitement. Now, the next big leap is that just yesterday my EIFF Press Accreditation came through. I’m officially accepted as Press for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. For me this is amazing, and I just can’t believe what’s happening in my life.

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MovieBlog writing

I’m really enjoying writing for the MovieBlog, and I’m finding I’m spending more and more time over there writing instead of on here doing things!

Still, not only is it rewarding and most enjoyable writing about something you have such a passion and interest in, but it does bring some rewards, like Starsky and Hutch.

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