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3G at the EIFF

It’s been bad timing for me and this 3G Mobile Broadband review until this week. First the modem doesn’t work in my works building and secondly I got married and headed off on honeymoon for almost three weeks. I did try and get 3G to let me blog my honeymoon but, rather tellingly, they said the cost was way too much.

So these next two weeks are a great trial as I cover as many films as possible during the Edinburgh International Film Festival. That means I’m on the go between cinemas almost constantly through the day and trying to keep the reviews coming out.

This first week has been interesting and shown two sides to the 3G Mobile Broadband.

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Installing the 3G Broadband modem

I received my 3G Broadband Modem a few days after getting the instructions, a DVD type box contained a few pieces of paper with simple instructions on how to install, too simple I thought, this can’t be right. There are always problems with installing hardware like this, especially portable hardware, so when I realised the box contained no software and the instructions stated that I should simply plug it in and it would automatically install, I was very sceptical.

I couldn’t believe when I simply slid the SIM card into place, plugged in the USB dongle, just slightly larger than an average sized USB stick as you can see below, the software began installing, and installing right first time.

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Reviewing mobile broadband

Connecting to the Internet on the go hasn’t always been a priority for me, but with my Windows Mobile phone I’ve always had a convenient connection to retrieve the odd bit of information to settle a friendly argument or to perform some routine maintenance on one of my sites.

However the Windows Mobile isn’t ideal. Sure it has a standard keyboard on it, if it is a little slow, and it has a decent screen with a good browser, but there’s nothing that can beat a laptop and a full sized screen. So far the problem to that has been weighing the cost of portability against the ease, cost and speed of connection.

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O2 Broadband fails to deliver or support

Since I’ve moved to O2 Broadband on the 30th of October I’ve had nothing but problems, and I’ve struggling trying to get an uninterrupted connection to the Internet.

Honestly I can’t remember how many times I’ve called their support, but I’ll try and talk you through what’s happened and update things as and when they happen. Here’s a rundown of the problems that I’ve been experiencing with the service.

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Demon Internet argues to retain customer

I was with Demon Internet for something around seven years, over three years at the current address. In that time there’s never been more than two or three periods of downtime, and they’ve been rectified quickly.

Of course they are over the market price consistently, but you get a good uptime. However I was getting tired of paying over the odds and particularly tired of talking to foreign call centre staff. So I moved, and that showed the worst of Demon.

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