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The Quiet Period

For those that are still following my personal site thanks are due, thanks for continuing to follow me despite a long quiet period. There’s been a long time with nothing being written, but I’m hoping to start changing that and pick up the posting once again.

It’s been a tough time personally, although if you follow Filmstalker (the site, Twitter, or any social network I’m on) then you’ll be wondering why I haven’t been online here. Well, it’s pretty easy, I just haven’t wanted to write much about myself.

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3G at the EIFF

It’s been bad timing for me and this 3G Mobile Broadband review until this week. First the modem doesn’t work in my works building and secondly I got married and headed off on honeymoon for almost three weeks. I did try and get 3G to let me blog my honeymoon but, rather tellingly, they said the cost was way too much.

So these next two weeks are a great trial as I cover as many films as possible during the Edinburgh International Film Festival. That means I’m on the go between cinemas almost constantly through the day and trying to keep the reviews coming out.

This first week has been interesting and shown two sides to the 3G Mobile Broadband.

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Installing the 3G Broadband modem

I received my 3G Broadband Modem a few days after getting the instructions, a DVD type box contained a few pieces of paper with simple instructions on how to install, too simple I thought, this can’t be right. There are always problems with installing hardware like this, especially portable hardware, so when I realised the box contained no software and the instructions stated that I should simply plug it in and it would automatically install, I was very sceptical.

I couldn’t believe when I simply slid the SIM card into place, plugged in the USB dongle, just slightly larger than an average sized USB stick as you can see below, the software began installing, and installing right first time.

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Reviewing mobile broadband

Connecting to the Internet on the go hasn’t always been a priority for me, but with my Windows Mobile phone I’ve always had a convenient connection to retrieve the odd bit of information to settle a friendly argument or to perform some routine maintenance on one of my sites.

However the Windows Mobile isn’t ideal. Sure it has a standard keyboard on it, if it is a little slow, and it has a decent screen with a good browser, but there’s nothing that can beat a laptop and a full sized screen. So far the problem to that has been weighing the cost of portability against the ease, cost and speed of connection.

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Crediting sources and copying content

This afternoon I found an interesting story on a games site which had an interview with the Director who was to be filming Halo, Neil Blomkamp. The site was Joystiq, who pointed to a site called Creativity Online who had the interview.

It was a really interesting interview that talked about why the Halo film was now officially dead, what the short films that had been created were for, and what hopes he had for the Halo film, hopes which were now gone.

I wrote and posted the story as the first of the film community to do so, I checked, and it wasn’t until a few hours later that the site Jo Blo picked up the story and credited Filmstalker with the find. Fast forward a few more hours and the other major film sites on the internet are picking it up, amazingly they all seem to have found it directly from Creativity Online.

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MovableType slowing down and struggling

What a weekend. It’s Filmstalker’s first birthday. Yes it’s one year old and amazingly I’m still managing to keep it going all by myself, and that should be raising some concerns over at MovableType as they press on trying to convince the world that they have a worthy platform for corporate blogging and content management.

Why should that be? Well even just with myself entering content and running the site it’s still struggling under the strain. Today the hosting company and I made sure the system was using FastCGI properly. This will help say MT, this will make things much speedier.

The opposite has in fact happened with over five minutes to save an entry when with background tasks switched on and FastCGI switched off it took moments, and comments are taking over a minute to process. Hence only the strong minded are staying to comment, and then I’m usually getting multiple comments as they press Submit a second time.

So why move to FastCGI and switch off background tasks you ask?

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An Inconvenient Truth

During the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year I was lucky enough to see the documentary An Inconvenient Truth starring Al Gore, the rightful President of the United States of America. I was shocked and moved to tears, not at Gore being pushed out of the Presidential elections, but at the harsh reality portrayed in the documentary.

No conspiracy theories here, there’s facts and undisputed figures, the shocking truth that we’re on the brink of self destruction and the fact that the US are doing everything they can to refute these facts.

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