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Inconsistencies of travelling and why it’s better to pollute

My FiancĂ©e and I travelled down to London recently to see a premiere screening of 300. This week I’ve been invited to go to see Alpha Dog and 300 at the IMAX, and both are out. Why? Travelling costs, they are horrendous.

Yet when we were looking at the costs to travel to London there was a clear winner, and it was the most polluting method of transport we could have chosen, barring riding a leaking nuclear reactor down the country.

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Airport security – is it really making us safer?

Do you want to know how to identify terrorists? They buy in bulk and large containers. Terrorists never buy items below 100mls. Even 120mls and that’s likely to be your man, anything else and you’re safe. Well that’s what it seems to be when you’re entering an Airport anyway.

See we didn’t realise that the liquid ban was still enforced, and when we checked the website the previous night we didn’t pick up that we weren’t physically allowed these items on the flight, seems that we didn’t read them carefully enough.

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