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England dominates British television

I couldn’t believe what ITV have done tonight, it may seem trivial to those outside Scotland, but it goes to show how the country is treated when it comes to National versus English television.

It seems that while England are served their national team playing football, Scotland can’t see theirs, nor can they see the programme that’s usually on at the same time.

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A day at Pittodrie, my first football match

No, I’m not seven, I’m thirty seven, but I’ve never been to a football match before, and only twice set foot in a football stadium. Surprisingly both times were Pittodrie, once was very recently for the charity zip slide, and the other was way back in 1983 to watch the team return with the European Cup Winners Cup.

However as a wonderful gift some very important people at Aberdeen Football Club had given the family something that might add a little bit of cheer to the terrible past few weeks we’ve had.

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