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Formula 1 pretends to be green

I had to laugh, although I’ve been avoiding Formula 1 after I’ve just lost all hope of fairness in the sport after years of McLaren bashing and Ferrari winning, I’ve heard the news about the attempts at the Japanese Grand Prix to focus the minds of the fans on the environment.

In order to highlight the problem the tyre manufacturer painted the grooves in the tyres green.

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FIA continues to destroy F1 competition

It’s really not hard now to go looking for disparities in the obviously messed up and heavily tainted world of Formula 1, that tarnished trophy that the FIA is trying to lift up is is looking worse for wear, the FIA have dropped it once again.

Once again they are going after McLaren on two separate counts, on issues where they’ve let Ferrari off in much more important race circumstances.

It really is showing that the FIA are more intent on retaining the Ferrari fan base than Formula 1 fans, and in the process they’re killing the sport.

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FIA to dock Hamilton’s Japanese win?

Almost an entire week after the completed race in Japan and the win from Lewis Hamilton, we hear the disappointing news that the FIA may, not only remove the points he won, but also push him back on the grid for Shanghai.

This is another ridiculous suggestion that further demeans the title of F1 as a sport, and casts more light on the idea that the FIA are happy to bend rules and alter results for higher monetary returns.

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Alonso agrees F1 is biased

I know I’ve been talking and writing for some time now (here, here, here and here) about how Formula 1 is biased towards Ferrari and therefore Michael Schumacher, but in recent comments it now seems as though Fernando Alonso and indeed Renault have discovered the same thing.

During the last GP, and especially now, Alonso is saying that he considers that F1 is no longer a sport, and that he considers Schumacher the most unsporting driver in F1 history, with the Renault boss Flavio Briatorie saying that the FIA helped Schumacher win his last Italian GP for Ferrari, it looks like Renault are the latest ones to openly speak out about the power Ferrari weild over Formula 1.

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