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Employ bloggers, don’t kill them

While the learners, users and customers of companies are becoming more curious, more engaged and more vocal, the companies themselves are clinging to their strict and outdated policies, rules and control.

They are in danger of, and already are, losing employees and customers who could be benefiting their organisation. While they try to control and restrict these people, they are fostering negative groups and holding themselves back.

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Solicitors attack site and freedom of speech

I was reading an article the other day about blog owners and the liability of comments made on their blog. The story looked at some cases where companies had threatened to, and actually begun legal proceedings to, sue the individual blog owner for comments that other people had made to their blogs.

Little did I know that days later I would be facing legal action from a large company for comments other people had made on my blog, and that it would go so far to infringe on freedom of speech.

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