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Being Home

I’ve been home for sixteen days now and I keep kicking myself, metaphorically of course since I can’t actually do it for real, especially not with my mobility issues! Five days after open heart surgery, after having my sternum sawed apart and my heart cut open, I was at home. So after being home for

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Returning Home

I’m home, and it was a bit of a surprise that it happened. What’s really odd about it all is that to the patient there doesn’t seem to be a process for agreeing the final day, it just sort of all comes together. It did for me on Sunday morning and although it took a

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Condition Improving

It’s amazing, last night I listened to my valve working. It clicks and it’s audible. It’s the first time I’ve been able to hear it. There are lots of other things happening, my physios were through to test me today, the doctor’s rounds were positive, and I’m feeling more mobile. Still, some things are still

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