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Volunteering as a Patient for EPPSAT

I’ve been volunteering for some time now as a patient for a EPPSAT, the Edinburgh Patient Partnership Programme. I assist in the GMC exams, student doctor final year exams, and third/fourth year student doctors who are starting their cardiology rotation. I’ve even volunteered for some research studies, one of which examined the use of MRI

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Business or process change? Tell your customer!

Before I moved jobs I was going through a large piece of work on Learning Management Migration, specifically around content, and I became very aware of the importance of involving the teams who will be using the new LMS in the testing and verification of the system. Not only does it allow them to understand what it is capable of, what they need to do with the new system, and how to change their processes, but it tells them something is changing.

So I’m very aware when a process change occurs the customer should at least know about it.

It seems the hospital where I attend a yearly clinic at is most definitely not.

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