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Upgrading to MovableType 4

I’m back. I’ve neglected my own blog for too long, so I decided to return to it and give it a little revamp, starting with MovableType 4.

One of my friends had already done it and he didn’t have many problems, so I thought I would give it a go, and I have to say the installation and upgrade was dead easy. However if you to take advantage of many of the new and powerful features of MT4, then you’re in trouble.

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MovableType slowing down and struggling

What a weekend. It’s Filmstalker’s first birthday. Yes it’s one year old and amazingly I’m still managing to keep it going all by myself, and that should be raising some concerns over at MovableType as they press on trying to convince the world that they have a worthy platform for corporate blogging and content management.

Why should that be? Well even just with myself entering content and running the site it’s still struggling under the strain. Today the hosting company and I made sure the system was using FastCGI properly. This will help say MT, this will make things much speedier.

The opposite has in fact happened with over five minutes to save an entry when with background tasks switched on and FastCGI switched off it took moments, and comments are taking over a minute to process. Hence only the strong minded are staying to comment, and then I’m usually getting multiple comments as they press Submit a second time.

So why move to FastCGI and switch off background tasks you ask?

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