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PlayStation 4 Audio Problems and Inadequate Sony Support

Recently I noticed a problem with my PlayStation 4. When watching a Blu-ray with one of the new audio formats (DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD) it would only play in stereo. Play a game, stream something, or watch a DVD or Blu-ray with an audio track of Dolby Digital or DTS and they played

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PlayStation 3, what’s missing

I’ve had my PlayStation 3 for a while now and there are things I love about it, and things I don’t, and there’s also things that are glaringly missing from the system that would make it the integrated system that they are trying for, and for the life of me I just don’t know why they haven’t implemented them. For all the excellent points about the development of the system, there are so many that are lacking.

First up though let’s get this straight, this is not an XBox 360 vs PS3 discussion because all we’ll get are people who love one and hate, and have more often than not never tried, the other. This isn’t about that, and I’m sure I could balance this article up with one on the XBox 360, as I have and play one, and talk about its good points and failings, for again there are many.

However let’s get back to the PS3.

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