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Why Politicians Aren’t For Us

I am very engaged in politics and I do vote whenever I can. I never waste my vote, even if I don’t agree with any of the candidates standing, I’ll still vote for the least awful option. In my mind a spoiled ballot paper or a no show at the voting booth is a truly wasted one, that’s where I would give up my rights to say anything about what happens in politics from then until the next election. If I do complain or comment, and I haven’t voted or spoiled my paper, I wholly expect someone to call me out on it and tell me to keep my opinions to myself. I didn’t want to vote, you get what you’re given.

So I will vote, and because of that I’ll look at what all the candidates have to say and consider what they stand for. That’s why I turned over to watch the first Leadership Debate on television last night.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the half hour mark, and I will not be watching any more. The problem? The politicians.

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MP David Davis’ impressive speech

I’ve just heard the news that the Shadow Home Secretary David Davis has resigned his position in UK Parliment, and while that doesn’t interest me that much because UK politics and politicians are like petulant teenagers and deserve little respect, Davis has just broadsided me.

His speech struck a chord and his actions are nothing short of selfless, or so it would seem. It seems that a politician has finally done something for the right reasons rather than bickering like children.

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