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Shock horror news reports from BBC!

I’m really getting fed up with the way the news is being presented these days, more and more it’s short, sharp headlines, with reporters pushing people for something controversial or interesting whatever the story and whatever the real story behind it.

There’s also the growing trend of leaping on a story that’s “hot gossip” rather than doing some investigative journalism – why explain the failure of UN forces in the Congo and what the truth behind the problems there is when we can focus on the inane and blown out of all proportion story of Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and Andrew Sachs?

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Dispatches fights Tonight for worst reporting on TV

Once investigative reporting on television was incredibly insightful and provided a great service, often revealing those taking advantage of others or companies and people breaking the law. Today it’s filled with scaremongering and sensationalisation, like a tabloid newspaper its role is to make an attention grabbing programme that will fill the audience with excitement and fear, making them return and allow the programme to grab headlines.

The ITV programme Tonight has really turned that into an art form and led the way and now Channel 4’s Dispatches has gone the same way. I’ve actually just turned off the TV and walked away after watching the first assumption filled and over sensationalised The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain.

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