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GM Cress to identify landmines

This is truly amazing. Another story from the Guardian Spark which shows how man is thinking of new ways to use technology, and frankly this one is on that border between totally bizarre and strangely compelling.

The UN have some astonishing figures of landmines, and they are clearly a problem throughout the world. Yet how do you clear them? It’s a very time hungry operation and can be extremely dangerous, but a company in Copenhagen have come up with an interesting solution.

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Use electricity from 100% sustainable sources without extra cost!

I am so jealous of those living in England and Wales right now as they have access to the energy supplier Ecotricity.

This is a supplier that can supply your electricity, and match the costs of your current supplier, from 100% renewable sources. So without additional costs to the customer, they can make sure you are using electricity generated only from sources such as sun, wind and water.

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Have your name on a new species

Apparently the 1.8 million known species only represent 10% of those actually on our planet, that’s a lot unknown and yet to discover, classify and investigate.

Well now you can help out by donating an amount to an organisation called Biopat. A relatively small donation can allow for the correct taxonomical research as well as the important research into the conservation of the species.

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Fascinating ideas and innovations

I bought a Guardian newspaper this weekend . I tend to buy it every weekend, but I’ve been missing the odd few here and there.

Well, in this one is the last of a three part magazine called Spark which is all about friendly innovations and new technologies around the world.

I was amazed reading it, where almost every story had me going “Oh wow!” and I annoyed my girlfriend by telling her about every one! So to save her, I’m going to talk about some of them here.

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