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England dominates British television

I couldn’t believe what ITV have done tonight, it may seem trivial to those outside Scotland, but it goes to show how the country is treated when it comes to National versus English television.

It seems that while England are served their national team playing football, Scotland can’t see theirs, nor can they see the programme that’s usually on at the same time.

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Cadbury’s advertising company out of ideas?

When the two new Cadbury’s adverts first appeared they caused a stir because they were utterly fantastic. The gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins and the airport vehicles getting pimped up and racing each other in the middle of the night on the runway to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, both were crazy ideas that worked wonderfully.

However now they’ve re-released them with exactly the same footage just different musical tracks, and suddenly the originals have been cheapened and you realise there is nothing more to this campaign.

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Dispatches fights Tonight for worst reporting on TV

Once investigative reporting on television was incredibly insightful and provided a great service, often revealing those taking advantage of others or companies and people breaking the law. Today it’s filled with scaremongering and sensationalisation, like a tabloid newspaper its role is to make an attention grabbing programme that will fill the audience with excitement and fear, making them return and allow the programme to grab headlines.

The ITV programme Tonight has really turned that into an art form and led the way and now Channel 4’s Dispatches has gone the same way. I’ve actually just turned off the TV and walked away after watching the first assumption filled and over sensationalised The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain.

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