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MP David Davis’ impressive speech

I’ve just heard the news that the Shadow Home Secretary David Davis has resigned his position in UK Parliment, and while that doesn’t interest me that much because UK politics and politicians are like petulant teenagers and deserve little respect, Davis has just broadsided me.

His speech struck a chord and his actions are nothing short of selfless, or so it would seem. It seems that a politician has finally done something for the right reasons rather than bickering like children.

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Airport security – is it really making us safer?

Do you want to know how to identify terrorists? They buy in bulk and large containers. Terrorists never buy items below 100mls. Even 120mls and that’s likely to be your man, anything else and you’re safe. Well that’s what it seems to be when you’re entering an Airport anyway.

See we didn’t realise that the liquid ban was still enforced, and when we checked the website the previous night we didn’t pick up that we weren’t physically allowed these items on the flight, seems that we didn’t read them carefully enough.

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