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Scottish Hydro Electric leave 69 year old with no heating or hot water for ten days

Now straight away I’m going to say that this is a recount of the story that has happened to my father which he told me over the phone last night, a fuller account will come as he calms down from the stress and me from the anger, for this is a disgraceful situation for Scottish Hydro Electric and either reeks of extreme incompetence or a deliberate attempt to exploit a sixty-nine year old man living by himself. It sounds like one of these rip-off stories you hear on programmes like Watchdog, where a small company bullies old people into giving them large amounts of cash for work that just doesn’t need to be done. It’s almost as if my father is being held to ransom. Let me recount the story, and I’m sure my father will add more detail or correct me through the comments or by email.

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Cadbury’s advertising company out of ideas?

When the two new Cadbury’s adverts first appeared they caused a stir because they were utterly fantastic. The gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins and the airport vehicles getting pimped up and racing each other in the middle of the night on the runway to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, both were crazy ideas that worked wonderfully.

However now they’ve re-released them with exactly the same footage just different musical tracks, and suddenly the originals have been cheapened and you realise there is nothing more to this campaign.

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Installing the 3G Broadband modem

I received my 3G Broadband Modem a few days after getting the instructions, a DVD type box contained a few pieces of paper with simple instructions on how to install, too simple I thought, this can’t be right. There are always problems with installing hardware like this, especially portable hardware, so when I realised the box contained no software and the instructions stated that I should simply plug it in and it would automatically install, I was very sceptical.

I couldn’t believe when I simply slid the SIM card into place, plugged in the USB dongle, just slightly larger than an average sized USB stick as you can see below, the software began installing, and installing right first time.

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BBFC clear Eastern Promises uncut

I find this incredible. The BBFC are coming under fire for releasing the David Cronenberg film Eastern Promises uncut, despite the high level of violence.

Now my issue is not with the fact that they are releasing it uncut, I’m actually pleased they are, mine is with their inconsistency. The fact that on one hand they are releasing this violent film and on the other banning the videogame Manhunt 2 from being released seems utterly ridiculous., especially considering the violence involved in the film.

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