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Online calendar – Google vs Calendar Hub

I’m looking for a new online calendar application and have been using Calendar Hub for some time, while I like it, there are limitations, it’s a bit slow and cumbersome and comes up with a lot of errors when I’m trying to do some basic tasks.

So I started looking around, and although my feature list isn’t that extensive, it’s been difficult to find a functionality match. Google came closest, but incorrect programming on their part might rule them out.

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Web 2.0 fails and how systems should be

There was, and continues to be, a big fuss about Web 2.0, but what has it actually brought the end user? From where I stand it doesn’t appear to be that much.

We’ve ended up with a reliance on cumbersome widgets and closed systems, although the appearance of more and more dynamic content on sites is nice and swish, has it resulted in more exclusion and fairy lights over content?

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